Let's Talk Auto, Diesel, Welding & Scholarships!

Live Webinar • Thursday, Oct 29th • 4pm CST


Lee Doubleday - Director of Operations at Imagine America Foundation

Josh Keehan - High School Ambassador at Lincoln Tech

6 Reasons This Webinar Is For You!

  • You Don't Want To Work Behind A Desk!: Let's face it, it sounds boring, right? You're not someone who sees themselves working in a boring cubicle behind a desk - Instead maybe an exciting career in automotive, diesel or welding!
  • You're Graduating Soon & Have To Figure Out What To Do: It's good to have a plan for after graduation - we're going to talk about some of your options. 
  • You're Interested In Learning More About Scholarships: Did you know that Imagine America helps thousands of high school seniors every single year with tuition assistance? Learn more on our webinar.
  • You'd Like To Learn More About Career & Technical Schools: Don't worry - we are going to cover one of the nation's leading providers of technical education and their programs.
  • You Want To Learn More About Career Opportunities In Auto, Diesel and Welding: Do you have a clear idea how many opportunities out there in these career fields? We're talking about a CAREER not a JOB!
  • You Already Know What You Want To Do - But Want To Learn More About How To Do It: You already know you want to work in the auto, diesel or welding field - but where to start? Tune in to our webinar for more info!

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